Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2009


Kleinhesseloher See, Englischer Garten, Munich

Restaurant up in the Olympiaturm, Munich

Sorry, I wasn't planning on being absent for so long. Life has just been unusually busy the last weeks. First we had a stomach flu going on, now it's the real flu. The children are coughing all night long which leaves me all tired and exhausted. Still, I am in a pretty good mood. My husband and I started to work together again. Not that we ever stopped, but we are working on the same projects again, communictaing about professional things more often. I love that as it is always a real highlight to listen to his opinion on things. The other news is: I started to work out with a personal trainer. After being in the gym for quite a while I decided to take my fitness to the next level. And I can only tell the girls out there: get yourself a PT NOW. It is the best decision I made in the last years and it so pays off. I feel a million dollars after working out with him as he is really pushing me over the limit. I will keep you updated on this - it is fun!!!!
As I don't want this to be a post without pictures I am just showing you some of the trips we did with the children lately.
Have a wonderful day

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