Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2009

Larissa, finally

We have waited for her some month, but it was sooooo worth it. As our new AuPair, Larissa from Siberia, settles in, we realize just how much of a blessing she is. The whole family calmed down. I have so much more time to work and finally get things done without taking someone to the toilet between calls. And last but SO not least: the children absolutely love her. The pictures show my brother Jens and Larissa on her first night in town (I was with them, taking the pictures). We raced up to the Olympic Tower to show her the scenery (always worth a ride up, no matter which weather) and then went for some Bavarian-Japanese food in Haidhausen.

Perfect summer moment

What more do you need to have fun? A big glass full of ice cubes, coke and lemon. What a perfect moment on a hot day.

Ain't no sunshine when there's rain

I am NOT going to pretend that the sun is shining today. But I have the perfect weapon against those grey clouds outside: Some fun in the sun pictures, taken last week when the summer finally seemed to have arrived. Well, I am waiting patiently for it's return. Meanwhile enjoy the pictures.

Samstag, 13. Juni 2009

Depeche Mode

My husband and our AuPair are at the Depeche Mode concert in the Olympiastadion right now. They have a blast - this is the picture he sent me just before the band started playing. Wouldn't you love to be there? Mirya, a friend of ours who lives in Schwabing, called me to tell me she can listen to the concert in her garden. Isn't it just the best to live in a big city???

Freitag, 12. Juni 2009

The lady is a tramp

Mrs. "I know what I look like" lately visited the Feringasee in order to show off her latest swimsuit addition. How come that girls are born nowadays, knowing the meaning of the phrase "editorial posing"? Anyway, we had a blast and while I took pictures, the Missus enjoyed the moment.

Hotel Abtei, Hamburg

I just love charming little hotels, especially if they are very private and intimate. Whoever plans a trip to Hamburg, should make this a must-see (or better THE place to sleep or eat). Oh, and if you visit the restaurant make sure to ask Remigio for his wine recommendation. He'll show you heaven.

Montag, 8. Juni 2009

Food, Poletto-style

Eating good food is like a love affair - you always come back. I know Cornelia Poletto (take a look at her famous restaurant) back from when we were teenagers. She didn't change a bit, her food changed a lot. I just love her style of dishes and her sunny state of being. If you get a chance, go, taste and enjoy. Just make sure you call way in advance. What a treat!

Old friends

Almut is my long time friend. We know each other from the day she was born and it was just great to celebrate her birthday over dinner. It is always wonderful to see each other. We are on the phone every day (more than once) and are very much involved with each others lifes. So seeing each other is always about friendship and laughter and being oneself.

Just the two of us

Weekend getaways can be really romantic and inspiring - this one surely was. We flew to Hamburg on Saturday and had a fun day. After taking time for a short business meeting we went to the "Landungsbrücken", then dressed up and went out for dinner. On the next day we had a lovely breakfast, looked at some hotels and took a cab down to Blankenese to take in the beauty of that fishervillage like part of the city. Back at the airport we had a chat with Kelly Hansen, lead singer of Foreigner, and went straight back to our children. I just love short trips and new impressions.

All about Adele

Adele is my husbands 89 years old grandma. After having a bad year and some health troubles she is on her way to recovery this year. We went to see her at Schliersee last Sunday, where she visited her daughter Hannis mountain resort. As always, Adele was reflecting on life, talking about God and giving advice. She has strong opinions and I could listen to this brave and wise woman forever.

Sonntag, 7. Juni 2009

Daddy duty

Last week daddy took the kids to a playground nearby in Munich Riem, close to the old airport. It is a really modern playground and while the kids enjoyed all kind of great outdoor toys I was at home, sound asleep, dreaming of a life where you can always do what you want to do and no one expects you to entertain them. Oh, hold on, that was BEFORE we had the kids. Just kidding.

Birthday girl

What a sweet day! Blue sky, lots of balloons and sweet little kids. May-Britt turned 4 and SO was princess of the day. Thanks to the weather we were able to spend the whole day outside - hunting treasures and playing ball. What a treat. Just wanted to share some impressions - it was a quite editorial setting - all colorful and in the middle of Munich-Schwabing, right in Hohenzollernstraße. Happy birthday, big girl!