Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

October 2010 - Wiesn

As we live in Munich we HAVE TO go to the Oktoberfest with our whole family.
You gotta go there by public transportation and everything is pretty crowded - but still fun.
I am just posting some pictures - you can probably tell, which are on the way to the Fest and which are on our way back - we look slightly tired...

September 2010 - I SO love this girl

She is funny and talented, helpful and sweet, loves people and loves her family. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Oh - and I almost forgot - she loves reading so much that she falls asleep and will not let go of the book.

September 2010 - Let's organize

Somehow my kids rooms seem to be a mess the moment I turn around. I try to get them to clean up, but there are things that they just can't do on their own - like organizing their playmobil. So this is some of the unorganized amount of playmobil scattered all over the house. This is my son, watching from above, all happy that he does not have to help a bit.

Just the colour-sorted animals (some of them). I really organize all playmobil in these really cheap boxes from the hardware store - but it SO works for the kids.

14th of September 2010 - School begins II

Just some more pictures I wanted to share with you. We are so proud!!!!!

14th of September 2010 - School begins

My daughters first day at school was a total success. She absolutely loved it. No tears, just plain excitement.
Naturally, we had to pose for the classic first day of school pic in front of our house.
Look how excited she is.
This is her sitting at her desk for the very first time. Shortly after we had to leave and school started - just for one hour, but still.
I was so happy when the door opened after that hour and I looked at her face and saw pure joy. You know how you can tell by one look at your childrens face that EVERYTHING is GREAT. Well, this is her "GREAT" look.And this is Mrs. Wagner, her first grade teacher. Doesn't she look just like the woman you would have loved to have as a teacher? She is so lovely.

The Missus was not lazy

There is so much happening in my life lately - and all at once. I knew that life would change, as the children grow up - but I wasn't expecting something like this. It has been so much fun being me lately. It also brought about some changes, e.g. a new (professional) website, called http://www.meinesvenja.de/. Here you can follow my latest adventures on TV and see me all dressed up - not like here, always being Mommy :-)

The planning and designing of the website as well as the TV thing took a lot of my free time away, so I completely stopped lilukids - for the moment. To fill in the gap from August last year to January 2011, I decided to put up some posts that'll show you what happened over at our house in the meantime....And I have to tell you, that I TOTALLY was not lazy - I really got in shape for the on camera thing and am now pretty fit as a result. Or as Jay Z says: The amount of work you put into something equals what you will get out of it.