Mittwoch, 20. August 2008

Sharks and other water animals

It has been so hot in Munich lately that I am surprised to wake up to an all cloudy morning. A good moment to share some summer sharks and a splashing moment with you.

The big shark has ended up in Ludwigs (my son) bed and is mainly used for hitting his sister while fighting.
The little ones are now arranged as a mobile in his room. And for you to finally see what Ludwig looks and is like I am attaching a picture which pretty much says it all.

This summer was very rewarding so far as I can just go to the lake, let the kids run around and think about all my projects. Last year I was busy watching that nobody drowns. Those days are not really gone, but it is so much easier. So for all you Moms that think this will never end and you will never be able to just lie down: It does end, and sooner than you think you will be stretched out on a blanket, a book in your hands. Just keep the faith!

Dienstag, 19. August 2008

Fairy tale all over

Well, if I wouldn't love life this much I would probably like to be a fairy. A pair of wings come in handy from time to time, I guess. I will post more tomorrow, I found some girl sketches and had a crazy bunting and birds session today I have to fill you in on. Now, as my little ones are finally asleep I will try to read some more pages of a movie script I've been trying to finish since Friday. Movies and writing being another one of my creative obsessions this seems way too long. See , again the wings would come in handy. I could fly to a different timezone and have another day there. Well, sleep will get me soon, as always. Still hoping for quieter times at the sleepfront here. No nonsense.
Love Svenja

All my little girls





I am one of those moms who always wanted a girl. Good for me my first child was a girl, so I could relax with the second - the most incredible little boy in the world. Did I say I only wanted girls? Neeeeeeh! With painting it is different. Maybe it is because little girls wear dresses, I have no idea, just love to paint them. Here are some of the girls I have painted this year - and I think there will be more to come.

6 months later

Six months ago I started to paint an ABC picture for my sons' bedroom. The idea was to paint an ABC and some animal outlines. The more I got going the more I knew that it couldn't be only outlines, but it had to be real animals. As I got all creative I started some other nice projects and suddenly there was no more progress. The picture came to an halt. But then, one Monday I said to myself: This is what got you all started, you better finish your very first project now. And I did. It took all of my discipline to start again, but I was rewarded with some wonderful painting time with my son, who was painting right next to me. Today I went to a professional photographer who turned this picture into a tif for me to be able to do reprints. Now I will soon be able to sell it on etsy and dawanda. I am excited - again.