Dienstag, 19. August 2008

6 months later

Six months ago I started to paint an ABC picture for my sons' bedroom. The idea was to paint an ABC and some animal outlines. The more I got going the more I knew that it couldn't be only outlines, but it had to be real animals. As I got all creative I started some other nice projects and suddenly there was no more progress. The picture came to an halt. But then, one Monday I said to myself: This is what got you all started, you better finish your very first project now. And I did. It took all of my discipline to start again, but I was rewarded with some wonderful painting time with my son, who was painting right next to me. Today I went to a professional photographer who turned this picture into a tif for me to be able to do reprints. Now I will soon be able to sell it on etsy and dawanda. I am excited - again.

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