Dienstag, 24. August 2010

Kids in Bavaria

Some weekend impressions: How children live in Bavaria (when the sun is shining and summer finally IS here!).Riding the boat in the morning.Playing at the lake at noon.
Living the moment in rubber boats.
Still living the moment - in a bikini.
Drinking hot chocolate after spending hours in the freezing lake. Naturally served by Mum, who was on standby the whole afternoon.

Schliersee 2010

There is nothing nicer than to live in Munich, hop in the car on Friday, drive 40 minutes and arrive at this magic place called Schliersee. I just had to share these with you.Perfect breakfast at the cottage.Typical bavarian style windows.Morning view from the cottage.
I LOVE this lifestyle. Whoever wants to visit, please feel invited. I'll show you around.

Dienstag, 17. August 2010


I have wanted to post these for a long time.
What I see when I wake up.
What I see when I look down.
What I see when I made coffee. And yes, I know how blessed I am. I am sharing my life with the best man in the world and I have a son who is growing to be a man just as fine as his amazing Dad.