Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2009

No New Year's Resolution

I don't believe in New Year's resolutions. Maybe that is because I never managed to quit smoking on the 1st of January, but did so in 5 seconds when I found out I was pregnant. What I do believe in though is to find and live a theme every year, like a motto. To find a motto for the next year was very easy - who am I to kid myself or you. My life is almost back to normal as my children are big. I spent the last 6 years nurturing them and (pat on the back) did a pretty good job. At least they know how to behave as soon as we are in public, so it doesn't matter that much if they forget all about manners as soon as we are home again. Anyway, I won't stop nurturing them in the future, but I will stop to complain that there is no time to live and celebrate my old self. Which includes - and everyone who knows me in person knows exactly what the next word will be - writing.

I know, that was quite some introduction for my 2010 motto, but here it is: EASY. I am only going to do things, that come easy to me. Because just as Joseph Campbell always told us: "If you follow your bliss, doors will open where there were no doors before and where there wouldn't be a door for anyone else. It's something about the integrity of a life that the world moves in and helps."

For me, the concept of EASY is not to sleep and be lazy, but to do things that create a flow and a pull at the same time. It is not about being a coach potatoe but about hard work and discipline to back up a talent and get where I belong. The moment I set my mind on this theme, doors opened (and the New Year had not even begun). I met amazing women (you know who you are) who support me in my wish to get back the girl I was formerly known as and go forward as the woman I am supposed to be. For some instance, it needed to be girls to give me the "Go". So girls, watch out, here I come. Easy.

Donnerstag, 24. Dezember 2009

Season Greetings

I am wishing all of my readers a Merry Xmas. Along with my season greetings I am posting my daughters Xmas ballett school pictures. Those little ballerinas always make me smile - I hope you feel the same way. And now: Light all those candles and be romantic. It's CHRISTMAS-Eve!!!!

Freitag, 11. Dezember 2009

Pure love

Yesterday evening my son didn't want to sleep and kept calling me downstairs. When he did that for the tenth time I went down and started my monologue about how I want him to sleep and how I am not coming down those stairs one more time and that now this game is over. When I was ready, staring at him in my fiercest youdowhatmommysaysorsomethingreallybadwillhappen manner, he simply said: "Mommy, when will it start to snow?" The innocence of this question and how he never listens to me when I am in my "I want it my way" rage and how he is just like his father, never tired of seeing a wonder in some sunray or flower I burst out laughing and we started a round of serious cuddling. I am so glad that this is my life. So this is the picture of the day:
Because without you guys it just wouldn't be Christmas. Thanks for being in my life.

Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2009

Hotel Louis, Munich

It's been a while, as we moved to another house. I spread the word on facebook and just didn't find time to blog as well. Anyway, yesterday was my "return to womanhood" day. After getting a haircut I met a wonderful friend from Cologne in his hotel in Munich. I had a manicure in his room and we proceeded to the bar/dinner section. He stayed in the Louis Hotel , a pretty new place located directly at Viktualienmarkt, next to amazing Kustermann. The food concept is: share your meal. You've got to experience yourself - it was a feast. But beware: They are fully booked every evening of the week, giving away every table twice during the evening. So: call in advance. All thumbs up and fingers crossed.