Samstag, 26. Juni 2010

The moment you let go

Life is strange. I wrote a post some time ago (actually on the 31st of December) that was called "No New Year's Resolution". Believe it or not - 6 months later I find myself in the middle of that post. It was about how I will live this year of my life doing the things that come easy to me. EASY was to be the theme for the upcoming year. Well, and easy it was. I recorded something in February and it got picked up. Which means: me in front of the camera doing things that come easy to me. And holy God, was I shocked when I looked at me. It was bliss jumping in my face. What can I say? I wasn't the only one, who got it. Interesting enough, all of this happened the very moment I let go. Let go of what I thought was right for me, was my dream all of my life, was something I was trying to achieve. So this is what I got out of the experience so far: If you ever WOW yourself, you better stay on that path. Something else that is remarkable: The girls that got me going were not surprised at all. So this is to you, Julia and Yvi, two of the bravest women I will ever know: Thank you.

Montag, 14. Juni 2010

Soccer WM

4 goals = 2 flags and 2 happy children.


Like every mother I adore my children, BUT I SWEAR, my son is the sweetest. He loves to play with my brothers old tin soldiers and gets all excited about it (look at the red cheeks). This time they were fighting dinosaurs - childrens worlds are easy, you can pack together all sorts of items and just let fantasy take you away.
And then there are moments like these, where he jumped in the pool and only came out to eat strawberry cake. He was SO living the moment, I thought it was unbeatable. He always reminds me to enjoy life to the max. And by the way, I love it how he looks just like his Daddy.

Summer of style

There is nothing better than experiencing a summer in style - and by style I mean fresh flowers (at home), great food (at Julias and Phuongs) andfantastic locations (in combination with great food: Le Moissonnier, Cologne, 0221-729479.)