Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009

2 kids under 6

Holidays with 2 kids under 6 - everyone who's been there knows, that you will have to visit an amusement park. So we made our way to Djurs Sommerland and did all the little kids rides. Look, suddenly it is me in all of the pictures ;-)
Ludwig was afraid of some of the bigger rides, though. This is him in his new raincoat - Danish design for kids is pretty cool.
And this is the two of them, discussing which ride to go on next. I just love it when they act in their secret sibling mood - and not the "This is my toy" mood.

The big ship, part II

We went to the harbour next to the ship to find a smaller yacht that was called Lissy. See my daughter standing in front of it with the biggest smile on her face. I am sure she will grow to be a material girl now, she really wanted Daddy to buy the yacht for her. Look at him, he was all ready to do it. Well, I held him back (boring me). Lissy taking over the yacht. Part of the big ship.
My kids steering the big ship.

The big ship

There is a very big ship in Ebeltoft, called Fregatte, you can go and visit. Well, we went and besides having to tell you that a cannon is very loud when being fired (holymoly) I was surprised by how big the ship's propeller is. It was a wonderful sunny day, too, so this was very rewarding after the last days of not so good weather - meaning temperatures around 18 - 20 degrees, which doesn't sound like a lot of sunny beaches, does it?

Viking convention

It was crazy, but so much fun. We went to Europes second biggest Viking Convention on Moersgard Strand and I have never seen something like it. The Vikings (and there were 2000 of them) fought against each other and it was breathtakingly aggressive. The children couldn't believe it first but then thought it was fun to see everyone "dying". They have been playing Viking every since and I will probably have to buy some weapons before we go home.
Here you can see our Siberian AuPair Larissa killing a Viking. By now she knows how to shut someone up (good thing!).

Freitag, 24. Juli 2009

Pure bliss

We spend so much time with the kids that we keep doing such important things as jumping on the trampoline, lying in the hammock and building sand castles. It is quite amazing how much fun it is to spend time with the kids when you can really dive into the experience without being stressed out because of work or having to be somewhere on time. This morning Ludwig and I spent an hour (sadly it was the hour between 6 and 7) playing with a little ball - just rolling and throwing it back and forth. I probably was four when I did that the last time. Denmark rocks! Oh - and my son loves the Danish flag so much that he tried to paint it on his body. Too bad it doesn't wash off, but then again he is busy doing other things like tasting salty water. He SO is daddys' boy. Lissy seems to be more on the safe side with her wetsuit. She SO is my girl.

Dienstag, 21. Juli 2009

The beach

Just look at their faces. Need I say more?

Taking over the house

Ever thought about exchanging your home during the holiday season? I strongly recommend it. Right now we are in Denmark and totally love it. We are living in a parsonage (pastors house) and it is SO nice and SO big. And there are SO many toys I didn't have to pack. Pure joy, I tell you.
This is everybody, just minutes before we were taking over the house. And everybody did this in his or her very own way.
Ludwig by getting used to new weapons.
Lis by creating a barbie retreat in the meditation room.
Me in the kitchen.
And the master himself at the Danish masters desk. Thanks for this wonderful home, Iben and Morten!!!

Samstag, 18. Juli 2009

Goodbye, ladies

For the last two years Ludwig and I have been visiting such a fun music school course. I don't know what it was, but all the mothers always said that the course seemed to be more for ourselves than for the children. Anyway, we had so much fun dancing and singing away and it was a pleasure to see all the little ones grow up over such a long time. Last Wednesday was Ludwigs last lesson before he starts to visit the course for the older children (including my daughter) so we had a little muffin and sweets and apple juice feast at the end of the lesson. I even remembered to take a picture of our gang - so here it is. Farewell ladies! We'll miss you for sure.

Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2009

A pair of wellies and a bikini

Remember, when a sunny day and some free time were ment to be spend in wellies and bikinis? I don't know what it is about my girl and this summer, but I keep taking millions of pictures, thinking that all these moments go by too fast. You truly are the apple of my eye, sweetie pie.

Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2009

People I meet

Scrolling through my blog I realized that it almost looks as if I only spend time with my kids. That is so not true. A) I am working and b) I meet a whole bunch of people older than 5 every week. Let me give you some examples: Meisun and me at RTL, having loads of fun. Kati and Meisun (both Norddeich TV) and me as Charlies Angels. These girls rock. Kristina has been a trainee and friend of mine since I started my very first company (meaning almost 10 years ago). Obviously she isn't a trainee anymore but the friendship remained. We were so excited to see each other again that we couldn't get one shot right. And last but SO not least - my Julia, whom I miss every day. She used to be my husbands assistant but that doesn't AT ALL describe who she is and what she is able to do. Love her.

Freitag, 10. Juli 2009

Thanks, Affa

About a year ago, Affa from China asked me to be a part of her upcoming book project. I was more than excited. Now, as I am holding the book in my hands, I think Affa did a GREAT job in picking the various crafters and designing the pages. Thanks a lot for choosing me to among all of those talented fellow mothers/crafters. This is truly overwhelming.

Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009

At the fire department

As soon as we saw the first fire engine, we lost it. There was an open house at the fire department Riem in Munich last Saturday and we did it all: ride in the fire engine and
dress like fire(wo)men. After that, the kids needed a break and coloured some fire engine pictures while eating banana muffins and drinking lemonade.

Island of smiles

We went to our beloved Schliersee (again) the other weekend. As it was raining and raining and raining we decided to take a boat trip to the island in the middle of the lake. As you can see, the rain stopped and we all loved it there. I just think it's the most fascinating thing - as soon as you arrive at an island you feel all adventurous, want to sit down around a campfire, run around the woods and stay forever. Oh, sweet childhood memories.