Freitag, 24. Juli 2009

Pure bliss

We spend so much time with the kids that we keep doing such important things as jumping on the trampoline, lying in the hammock and building sand castles. It is quite amazing how much fun it is to spend time with the kids when you can really dive into the experience without being stressed out because of work or having to be somewhere on time. This morning Ludwig and I spent an hour (sadly it was the hour between 6 and 7) playing with a little ball - just rolling and throwing it back and forth. I probably was four when I did that the last time. Denmark rocks! Oh - and my son loves the Danish flag so much that he tried to paint it on his body. Too bad it doesn't wash off, but then again he is busy doing other things like tasting salty water. He SO is daddys' boy. Lissy seems to be more on the safe side with her wetsuit. She SO is my girl.

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Julia Nalbach hat gesagt…

That looks wonderful - but where is the happy Mommy? Wanna see you with that glow on your face:-)

Keep enjoying - we miss you!