Dienstag, 26. Januar 2010

It's my party

On my birthday I invited my girls from Munich for an evening out at my favourite Japanese eatery. Thanks girls for being there and sharing that day with me. It meant a lot.

Dienstag, 19. Januar 2010

In the studio

Yesterday we checked out a friend's studio for an upcoming promo we want to do. The children came with us so we had some family fun. Just wanted to share the green screen pictures we took as part of the fun.

Sonntag, 3. Januar 2010

Date night

Sometimes you need your husband to take you out on a date. I am not giving you any more details, just a quick look at the bar to let your imagination run wild. Have a wonderful Sunday, my friends.

Samstag, 2. Januar 2010


Just came back from breakfast with the girls - those who never met in real life but only on facebook before. Actually - I knew them from real life, but they had not yet met each other. It was fun from the very first second on. We went to daylesford organic who just opened a shop/restaurant in downtown Munich. Sad enough, they didn't allow us to take pictures so I can show you only the one that I took before they told us not to. Don't be misled by the nice surroundings. It was cold (the only warm place was the washroom, indeed!) and the waiters were not overly motivated or friendly. Furthermore, the food (eggs benedict) took them 30 minutes - and we were the only guests. My recommendation if you want to go there: Bring fun girls along, otherwise it'll be rather disappointing.

Freitag, 1. Januar 2010

My 100th post

When I started the lilukids project it was planned differently than it turned out - in a good way. Right now I can't believe I made it to post number 100. Hooooray! To celebrate this big number I am posting 2 pictures: This one showing our private little kids fireworks party yesterday at 6 p.m. with the neighbours and this one showing those guys who gave this blog its name: LIs and LUdwig from LILUkids. This year will be special and there will be so many new stories and ideas featured here - I am really looking forward to all of it. Thanks to all my readers - those I do and those I don't know yet - for staying with me for such a long time.
Love, Svenja


My husband has a godchild named Katharina. 2008 she lived with us for half a year and then went on to spend a year in the States as an AuPair. This Christmas she returned and we met her and her family on the 26th of December. Katharina was beaming with energy and was so full of new plans and influenced by the way she lived and by what she experienced that past year, so full of stories. It was amazing to see how that young girl turned into a woman while being away. In the picture you see Katharina, Lis and me, all smiles.


The other day we went shopping in the supermarket and my children wouldn't stop taking pictures. It worked out well - everyone was happy and we got all shopping done in absolute minimum time. That's what I call a win-win.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung, canteen

I wanted to post this for a long time but somehow never got around to do it. My husband and I go out for lunch almost every day at the fantastic canteen in the new Sueddeutsche Zeitung skyscraper. The food is unbelievable - they have at least 4 front cooking areas and the freshness is breathtaking. Anyway, whenever I tell someone that we are going to a company canteen they look at us as if we are crazy. Just to show everyone once why I think we are NOT - this is what the food typically looks like.Yummie! Wanna come????