Freitag, 31. Oktober 2008

I blogged about those chairs I love the other day. Then I remebered that I had some beautiful pictures of my little (birthday)-girl (pink dress) and her best girlfriend in the world, Clara (turquiose dress). Those pictures are 1 1/2 years old, but I think they perfectly portray how much fun these girls have together. And the chair is great, too, isn't it?

Birthday party

I spent all of yesterday cutting bats, skulls, ghosts and pumpkins. As Ludwig turned 3 on Tuesday and Lis turns 5 today, we've invited 11 children and their parents over for Halloween. I love to decorate for parties so I was all over the place. This is what it looked like yesterday pretty late at night, but I will put up more pictures as soon as the party is over. Right now both kids are in the living room watching television (birthday treat) and they love the party feeling of all the rooms. Gotta go, there is food to prepare and children to dress. What a day - best feeling in the world when another year is gone and everybody is safe, developing and having fun. Are you having a Halloween bash yourself?
Love Svenja

Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2008

Another Sunday

Another Sunday and another playground. Just some impressions before the busy week starts.
Wish you well
Svenja Bild hinzufügen

Samstag, 25. Oktober 2008

Great bargain and fun at the playground

We went to the fleamarket this morning. Sun was shining, kids were in a great mood. And guess what - I bought the coolest tin can (originally for peppermints) ever. Doesn't it look great?
It is really big, about 30 cm high. Love it. In the afternoon we went to the playground around the corner. I was stealing flowers (well, actually just cutting down half a tree owned by the city) and the kids were playing football. Here are some shots - me with no make up, but who cares on a Saturday afternoon?
As you can see - my family is the most important part of my life. I love those three people (hubby not pictured, but always included) to death. Hope you have a great weekend yourself. Up to something special?
Talk soon

Freitag, 24. Oktober 2008

Potato party

I have no idea if it is a Bavarian thing, but we went to celebrate a potato party yesterday in kindergarten. The kids sang a potato song while we put some potatoes in the fire in order to eat them later. Afterwards there was a potato play and finally: We ate potatoes. Even if all of this doesn't sound very surprising the kids were having loads of fun. It was really cold though, so we left kind of early.
I left the children with my Mom afterwards and went to a fabricstore in Munich City in order to get some patterns. My husband lost lots of weight lately, so that means he needs new shirts. Oh no, I am not THAT good - I am not sewing him shirts (who has time for that). But I thought I can recycle his old shirts for my son. Now comes the clue: They are iron-free and made out of great fabric. It is kind of hard to get iron-free shirts for kids in Germany, so this is my chance. I will hopefully start this weekend, so there will probably be some pretty blue (striped, checkered) posts coming up. I was also thinking about sewing some matching pyjama pants. Let's see what happens.
Bye for now

Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2008

Party banners

The fabric for my next project arrived lots sooner than I thought. It is from the Barefoot Roses Collection by the very inspiring Tanya Whelan. I managed to make one banner this morning. It is supposed to be used next week at the childrens' Halloween party. There's a lot of girls invited which probably all come dressed like princesses - so it can't be too spooky. Well, let's see how this mixes with vampire decoration. The butterfly bunting is by Laura Ashley home. They do have nice stuff, don't they?

Sorry, the pictures are a little dark but it was quite early in the morning. Keep you up to date on the party planning...

That's what I call great service

I found this great fabric shop online, which (even better) is located in Germany. This week I placed my first order and was amazed by the outstanding service. Ingrid Amenda who runs the shop managed to send everything - including a personal note and some goodies - in 24 hours. And I mean 24 hours from placing the order to the moment the postman delivered the package. I can't believe this is happening in Germany. Too wonderful to be true.


Isn't it the best feeling in the world to really look forward to something? My hubby and I have booked a "grown ups only" vacation, and it is coming up in some weeks. So this is why I am full of anticipation right now. Thanks to the www I already have some pictures to share with you.
It is a beach house in Malibu, private beach access only. I miss the kids already because I know they would love it there - but if it is really as nice as it looks we might just take them next year. Do you have a dream holiday coming up as well? Let's hear about it...Have a great day!

Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2008

Memory lane

My children are turning 3 and 5 at the end of October. A great reason to go down memory lane.This is Lis, 6 month old. Lying on the floor in her nursery in our first house in Paderborn.
And Ludwig, about the same age. The picture was taken in our first appartement in Munich-Bogenhausen.
Ludwig, 1 year and 2 month in my VERY favourite holiday home in the Netherlands.
Just before we started to visit Lis' first Oktoberfest. This picture was taken on the porch of our second home in Munich, which I sometimes dearly miss.
One of my favourite pictures of all time. Both children love to dress up and love Pippi Longstocking by Astridt Lindgren, one of the best childrens' author worldwide. I love those guys. It is ALL about them, every day.

Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2008

My MAC addiction

Isn't it the best to go out and buy cosmetics? As a married woman I found myself getting rid of some bad habbits (like smoking) and developing addictions (fabric, cosmetics) instead. You can see that I am a loyal addict, preferring MAC. Ever since a Macy-girl in NYC showed me how to handle all the colours, this is what I use everyday. They say that addictions run in the family. When my godchild Carlotta was in Munich to visit this summer we went to Ludwig Beck and the girls had their lips done.
I am so glad I took these pictures, it was such a girly moment and they were so proud.

Freitag, 17. Oktober 2008


What a great aera to have lived in... This armchair (Up5) is one of my favourites of all time. It was born in 1965, just like my husband and is still so contemporary. Design by Gaetano Pesce für B & B Italia.
And another one I will buy as soon as I have the perfect room for it. It is three years older, from 1968, design by Eero Aarnio. The Bubble Chair. Luv it.

Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2008

Sandberg and no end

I am sure that I told you about my love for Sandberg fabrics before. I must have. This season I was so into the star fabric that I used it for almost every piece I made. It's still everywhere in my house, from the livingroom to the kids' rooms. And looking back, I have to say it came in quite handy for my lovebirds and the peace bus. Have a favourite fabric design yourself you buried yourself in this year? Show me!
See yah

Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2008


On a good day you find someone on the web who really leaves an impression. So, Shirley, forgive me, but I just had to post this entry as "Wonderwoman". Shirley lives in New York City, which itself is amazing. I don't even know how I found her blog, but I have been following her steps since then. Shirley is a mother of three with a growing population of grandchildren and a VERY active life. She is taking part in the EDM challenges, so a lot of her wonderful (mostly watercolour) drawings are having their origin there. I love her animal drawings, her architecture sketches, how she keeps track of her exhibition visits by drawing part of the artefacts. I could go on forever: views through open doors, N.Y.C. sights, ballet dancers, everyday kitchen or household goods. I very much recommend to check out her work at her blog As I am very much into the child segment, I am posting some of her pictures (all copyrighted by Shirley) of nurseries, grandchildren, decorations and playdates at the park. Thanks Shirley, for sharing your work with the world.
Copyright for all pictures by Shirley Levine of

Freitag, 3. Oktober 2008

Crafty kids

This afternoon I got all crafty with the kids. Our daughter and her cousin Paula painted a "Haunted House" (I guess Halloween is knocking at their doors big time) and my son and I did an elephant box. I love painting big style, well at least the first part. Afterwards I put them in the tub while I was trying to clean up their paint-footprints in the livingroom. Right now they are sound asleep and I can start my part of the day. Which means off to work, as my husband gives a storytelling seminar tomorrow and asked me for writing excercises I have to come up with tonight. All you crafty or not crafty Moms out there - treat yourself to a quiet evening. Mine will definitely include a glass of red wine. Cheers,


Oktoberfest 2008

When you live in Munich it seems that you always go to Oktoberfest the very last minute. It was said to be raining today, so we went early and spent two and a half hours until it started. My husbands brother, his wife and their daughter are visiting, so the girls all got dressed in Dirndl dresses and off we went. As you can see, moods were great. The blue and white slide is a must and as much fun as it looks. It is a big tradition in our family to go there, as I went there when I was little, too. When it started raining we took a cab to our most loved pizzeria. They are so friendly and love kids (Italians, they all do!). It is the best place ever because they don't look at you weird for coming to their restaurant all wet with hungry children which need to be fed NOW. All in all a great day.