Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2008


On a good day you find someone on the web who really leaves an impression. So, Shirley, forgive me, but I just had to post this entry as "Wonderwoman". Shirley lives in New York City, which itself is amazing. I don't even know how I found her blog, but I have been following her steps since then. Shirley is a mother of three with a growing population of grandchildren and a VERY active life. She is taking part in the EDM challenges, so a lot of her wonderful (mostly watercolour) drawings are having their origin there. I love her animal drawings, her architecture sketches, how she keeps track of her exhibition visits by drawing part of the artefacts. I could go on forever: views through open doors, N.Y.C. sights, ballet dancers, everyday kitchen or household goods. I very much recommend to check out her work at her blog As I am very much into the child segment, I am posting some of her pictures (all copyrighted by Shirley) of nurseries, grandchildren, decorations and playdates at the park. Thanks Shirley, for sharing your work with the world.
Copyright for all pictures by Shirley Levine of

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