Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2008

I went on a trip to Freiburg to one of my oldest girlfriends, Almut, last weekend. We had so much fun - we always do. It really is a shame we are living that far apart from each other... Anyway, on the way there (which is like 5 1/2 hours with weekend traffic) we were stuck in traffic on the Autobahn and suddenly everyone had to go to the toilet. I had no other choice than to sit them down on their potties, which looked so funny that I got out of the car and had to take a picture through the open trunk. My kids thought it was all hillarious - you can tell by their faces. We went to a soccer game of Almuts younger son Justus, so you can see my very happy little boy (soccer, what else to say...) and my daughter Lis who is admiring her daughter Carlotta (who again is my fabulous godchild). What a blast. Everyone was so enjoying their time together, I just had to post these. Oh, and by the way: Almut, thanks for the fantastic reciepes. We are eating your food ever since. Yummie!

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