Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2008

Memory lane

My children are turning 3 and 5 at the end of October. A great reason to go down memory lane.This is Lis, 6 month old. Lying on the floor in her nursery in our first house in Paderborn.
And Ludwig, about the same age. The picture was taken in our first appartement in Munich-Bogenhausen.
Ludwig, 1 year and 2 month in my VERY favourite holiday home in the Netherlands.
Just before we started to visit Lis' first Oktoberfest. This picture was taken on the porch of our second home in Munich, which I sometimes dearly miss.
One of my favourite pictures of all time. Both children love to dress up and love Pippi Longstocking by Astridt Lindgren, one of the best childrens' author worldwide. I love those guys. It is ALL about them, every day.

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