Dienstag, 24. Februar 2009

A zebra and a princess

There we go having 500 costumes and every year my kids end up dressing as princess and zebra.
Actually - it expresses quite well how they behave in everyday life.And now look at this: Before and...after. The princess lost her first tooth. It's been some weeks ago, but I never got around to post the news. First there were tears and now she thinks it is the coolest thing, naturally.

The last weeks have been busy again. It is so interesting how each time everyone is speaking of a crisis we are booming once again. See me in a very thankful mode here! And now - tatatata - THE news: We have finally decided to invite an Aupair into our house. I am very excited about it because I think it will be a personal gain for everyone involved. More on that as soon as things are progressing - it might even be the middle of March.

Today it is going to be a long day again. It is kids first, then work, PT in the afternoon, then kids again and a work dinner. I hope there is going to be some peaceful sleep afterwards, with no zebra disturbing me.

Have a great day

Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2009


Kleinhesseloher See, Englischer Garten, Munich

Restaurant up in the Olympiaturm, Munich

Sorry, I wasn't planning on being absent for so long. Life has just been unusually busy the last weeks. First we had a stomach flu going on, now it's the real flu. The children are coughing all night long which leaves me all tired and exhausted. Still, I am in a pretty good mood. My husband and I started to work together again. Not that we ever stopped, but we are working on the same projects again, communictaing about professional things more often. I love that as it is always a real highlight to listen to his opinion on things. The other news is: I started to work out with a personal trainer. After being in the gym for quite a while I decided to take my fitness to the next level. And I can only tell the girls out there: get yourself a PT NOW. It is the best decision I made in the last years and it so pays off. I feel a million dollars after working out with him as he is really pushing me over the limit. I will keep you updated on this - it is fun!!!!
As I don't want this to be a post without pictures I am just showing you some of the trips we did with the children lately.
Have a wonderful day