Freitag, 26. Dezember 2008

My relaxed in-laws

I just have to say: There is nothing more amazing than relaxed in-laws. We went over to my mother in-law yesterday to meet my husbands two brothers as well as one wife and cousin Paula. Look at us playing a game in the middle of X-Mas chaos. It was all fun and comfortable - like home. Therefore I very much enjoyed the day. Hope you had a good day as well. Any family visits?
Today I am back to my desk and off to the gym later. I love X-Mas, but I love going back to normal as well. Which means: it is 6:30 and I am going to join my son in the living room and entertain him.
Have fun you all

Mittwoch, 24. Dezember 2008

Dancing with my daughter

Merry X-Mas everyone! I can't believe it is already Christmas morning. I have been trying to keep up with my blog, but this December was just too busy. Sorry. I will be better prepared in January. We will have a nice family holiday season - it is just the kids and us (well, and for today one brother and one grannie), but that is that. This month was filled with kids celebrations at their various engagements. Today I am blogging some pictures of my daughters' dance lessons Christmas party. It was really cute to see how excited everyone was. Those little girls in pink really break my heart.
It is still 7 a.m. over here and, which means my early bird son and me are the only one downstairs. As much as I could kill for just ONE morning of sleep - I love those quiet hours where it is just the two of us.
Gotta get going to prepare that Christmas grocery list. I still haven't done a thing which I think is a good sign: I am pretty relaxed these days. Anyway - have a wonderful Christmas night and celebration. We are off to Ireland for New Years Eve but I will be posting in between.

Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2008

Article about lilukids at The Storque


The fabulous pearlswirl has included me in her shop local article about German based Etsians.
Pearlswirl, thanks a million! I feel honoured to be put up there with amazing German crafters and artists. And all of my lovely readers: Don't forget to look at pearlswirls shop for some fantastic jewelry!

I will be posting some Malibu pictures and more that has been going on in my busy life very soon!

Love - and enjoy the holiday season,