Donnerstag, 31. Juli 2008

Shops are open!

Pictures had to be taken, words to be found - let alone all the sewing prior to that - the result is, what counts. YES, I DID IT. My shops at etsy

and the German equivalent dawanda

are open. I can't believe I even kept my self-set deadline, which was today. I am so excited about this new beginning, especially as I am now starting to be part of a community including so many creative people and artists I much admire. I couldn't have done this without the help of Phuong (graphic design), Alex (pictures) and Julia (everything, from researching, having an opinion, serving coffee and helping me all the way), Megan (for encouraging me all the time and always being there) and my husband (who always believes in me. Period.) I cannot believe how much enthusiasm you guys put into lilukids, that once started as a little project and now is finally going somewhere. I hope you'll all be there to see what's happening next. Thanks. A lot.

Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2008

Getting ready for etsy and dawanda

How exciting the next week is going to be. I set my own deadline: My etsy and dawanda shops will open on Juli the 31st. Meanwhile I am busy sewing, writing profiles and product descriptions and taking pictures. Figuring out everything from shipping costs to pricing takes some time as well. I guess some of you went through this a long time ago and probably know exactly what I am talking about. I have to say that I haven't been looking forward to something as much since the birth of my children and maybe some lovebird weekends with no kids and just my fabulous husband. Here are some sneak previews of what to expect:

Holidays are over

Wow, that was nice. My husband Uwe and I went on a family holiday with our two kids and our Irish friends Ger and Grett and their 4 children. So all in all it was 6 children under 6 - and you wouldn't believe the fun we had. Uwe and I spent some time in Ireland on a short Valentines Day vacation and knew just then that we HAD TO show the kids. It was very inspiring - I just love Irish landscape and houses. Ger took us to see a house a friend is building right now. He is almost done and it looks really great - especially the views out of each single window are amazing.

We took the children to see Muckross House and the traditional farms and they loved it. There is something about traditional places and buildings children and animals seem to understand lots better than grown ups. They were falling for the myths and you could tell that they were amazed by the spirit as well as loving the unbelievable parks surrounding everything.

Although Ireland is said not to have any sun we had some beach days and my daughter started surfing. I took like a hundred pictures in case she is going to be world champion one day. You never know.

Montag, 7. Juli 2008

Here we go

I spent the last few weeks coming up with new designs and product ideas and this has been extremely fun and satisfying. Today I'll show you two of my latest pieces, a hand & machine stitched fairy and two animal cushions.

which are not cushions yet but only cushion fronts. Next to sewing and painting my time has been consumed with my studio which is finally next to ready - HOOORAY!
A room just for myself and no one to bother me. Best of all - my brother made a thread holder for me and it is the best thread holder one could wish for. Next to my reedition of Vitras Uten.Silo I by Dorothee Becker (originally from 1969) it looks quite stylish, doesn't it?
Any comments on how to improve any aspect of my craft room are more then welcome! I will be back with more to show soon. It's just - the weather has been perfect lately and I spent a lot of time with my kids near and in the water. There is this amazing lake nearby and they just love to jump in - which gives me lots of time to think about fabric, colours and designs. I just LOVE the summer. Hope yours is just as beautiful so far.

Talk to you soon