Montag, 7. Juli 2008

Here we go

I spent the last few weeks coming up with new designs and product ideas and this has been extremely fun and satisfying. Today I'll show you two of my latest pieces, a hand & machine stitched fairy and two animal cushions.

which are not cushions yet but only cushion fronts. Next to sewing and painting my time has been consumed with my studio which is finally next to ready - HOOORAY!
A room just for myself and no one to bother me. Best of all - my brother made a thread holder for me and it is the best thread holder one could wish for. Next to my reedition of Vitras Uten.Silo I by Dorothee Becker (originally from 1969) it looks quite stylish, doesn't it?
Any comments on how to improve any aspect of my craft room are more then welcome! I will be back with more to show soon. It's just - the weather has been perfect lately and I spent a lot of time with my kids near and in the water. There is this amazing lake nearby and they just love to jump in - which gives me lots of time to think about fabric, colours and designs. I just LOVE the summer. Hope yours is just as beautiful so far.

Talk to you soon

2 Kommentare:

Jaggeny hat gesagt…

Designes were soo cute lady :D I'll check `em often ^_^. I especially loved the monkey one <3

Abbigail hat gesagt…

WOW! Impressive. I will have to fly you to the US to make my studio look like that!