Freitag, 24. Oktober 2008

Potato party

I have no idea if it is a Bavarian thing, but we went to celebrate a potato party yesterday in kindergarten. The kids sang a potato song while we put some potatoes in the fire in order to eat them later. Afterwards there was a potato play and finally: We ate potatoes. Even if all of this doesn't sound very surprising the kids were having loads of fun. It was really cold though, so we left kind of early.
I left the children with my Mom afterwards and went to a fabricstore in Munich City in order to get some patterns. My husband lost lots of weight lately, so that means he needs new shirts. Oh no, I am not THAT good - I am not sewing him shirts (who has time for that). But I thought I can recycle his old shirts for my son. Now comes the clue: They are iron-free and made out of great fabric. It is kind of hard to get iron-free shirts for kids in Germany, so this is my chance. I will hopefully start this weekend, so there will probably be some pretty blue (striped, checkered) posts coming up. I was also thinking about sewing some matching pyjama pants. Let's see what happens.
Bye for now

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