Dienstag, 21. Juli 2009

Taking over the house

Ever thought about exchanging your home during the holiday season? I strongly recommend it. Right now we are in Denmark and totally love it. We are living in a parsonage (pastors house) and it is SO nice and SO big. And there are SO many toys I didn't have to pack. Pure joy, I tell you.
This is everybody, just minutes before we were taking over the house. And everybody did this in his or her very own way.
Ludwig by getting used to new weapons.
Lis by creating a barbie retreat in the meditation room.
Me in the kitchen.
And the master himself at the Danish masters desk. Thanks for this wonderful home, Iben and Morten!!!

1 Kommentar:

Julia Nalbach hat gesagt…

Wow! This looks gorgeous! And fits perfectly to the Walter-Family:-)
Like the Chief-Room with the Cello....
ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY, please, you deserve it!
Kisses Julia