Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

The Missus was not lazy

There is so much happening in my life lately - and all at once. I knew that life would change, as the children grow up - but I wasn't expecting something like this. It has been so much fun being me lately. It also brought about some changes, e.g. a new (professional) website, called http://www.meinesvenja.de/. Here you can follow my latest adventures on TV and see me all dressed up - not like here, always being Mommy :-)

The planning and designing of the website as well as the TV thing took a lot of my free time away, so I completely stopped lilukids - for the moment. To fill in the gap from August last year to January 2011, I decided to put up some posts that'll show you what happened over at our house in the meantime....And I have to tell you, that I TOTALLY was not lazy - I really got in shape for the on camera thing and am now pretty fit as a result. Or as Jay Z says: The amount of work you put into something equals what you will get out of it.

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