Mittwoch, 30. September 2009

Keith Johnstone Workshop

The master himself.
Julia at breakfast.
Me, all smiles.
It started as an idea and went on to change my life. I really wanted to see Keith Johnstone (the inventor of Improvisational Theatre) once in my life, so my friend Julia and me booked his workshop in Cologne and I have to admit it was pretty life changing. Not because of all the games we played, not because of the way he teaches and not because of his experience. But there is something about learning from a master that you only get later, in real life. In that sense, Keith taught me something - as he would put it - I already knew, but he reminded me of. To let loose, not to try to be the best and have fun. Oh - it IS nice to not try all the time but enjoy. So for a change - why don't you try not to try so hard and have all the fun along the way.

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And great that you broke the secret of me eating:-) HAHAHAAAA!