Montag, 19. Oktober 2009


I have been very occupied by preparations and traveling lately, but now the book fair is over and it is back to normal. I realized that I really have to start the writing of some of my projects. So on Thursday I will be having breakfast with Yvi, mother of Charlotte. I am writing a series about mothers who face special challenges with their children. Lotti has MLD and is going to die. She is the same age as my daughter. She is as pretty and lovely - but her time on earth might be shorter. She touches my heart in a way that is hard to explain. I will tell you more, as I progress.
Love for today!

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Julia Nalbach hat gesagt…

Oh my god - she's such a cutiiiiieee! Look, how adorable they look together!
Oh, and that emotion coming from that pic makes me wish so desperately being a mother one day. Same with Lis & Ludwig:-) See, some children have a lot of stuff to do, while being so short on earth. SHe's one of them. Wish her and her family the best.