Samstag, 26. Juni 2010

The moment you let go

Life is strange. I wrote a post some time ago (actually on the 31st of December) that was called "No New Year's Resolution". Believe it or not - 6 months later I find myself in the middle of that post. It was about how I will live this year of my life doing the things that come easy to me. EASY was to be the theme for the upcoming year. Well, and easy it was. I recorded something in February and it got picked up. Which means: me in front of the camera doing things that come easy to me. And holy God, was I shocked when I looked at me. It was bliss jumping in my face. What can I say? I wasn't the only one, who got it. Interesting enough, all of this happened the very moment I let go. Let go of what I thought was right for me, was my dream all of my life, was something I was trying to achieve. So this is what I got out of the experience so far: If you ever WOW yourself, you better stay on that path. Something else that is remarkable: The girls that got me going were not surprised at all. So this is to you, Julia and Yvi, two of the bravest women I will ever know: Thank you.