Dienstag, 16. September 2008

Stitchin' hot

I have to admit that I have been into stitching for a long time and I thought that it was time to freshen up the craft a little bit. As I have a little girl that loves girlish stuff I stitched away to create some pillows and a doll and I like the designs so much, that I just had to do some work in progress shots. What do you think and how do you like them?
As our house is pretty much overcrowded with pillows and I treated myself to some of the old drawing room and the new garden party fabric by Anna Maria Horner I might sell them on etsy and dawanda, though. Inspired by the stitching process I designed a new pillow for my daughter for her kindergarden nap. They all snuggle in the gym around a quarter past one until two, so this will be where she lies her head. Sorry, no ironing done so far.

Talk soon,


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