Mittwoch, 10. September 2008

The big day

We started the day quiet as always, but everyone was already looking forward to the big event.

Therefore the choice of shoes was especially hard to make this morning. Is it Moms' black stilettos or Cinderellas' blue plastic high heels? Finally it was there: the start of kindergarden year.
I am still trying to take it all in. My little man is going off to kindergarden. So when I dressed him and his sister this morning and took the "first day of kindergarden" pictures, I had to hold back pretty much. Guess I have to have another baby sooner or later, as this better isn't the last time I buy a new backpack and am so proud of my kids. Best feeling in the world! My husband was here to come with us, so this was extra special and I loved to share it with him.

Let the adventure begin. And off they went.

I liked it how Lis was really supportive.

Back home they were in the best of moods and sat down with Jumpys and grapes. What a way to end an exciting brother and sister day.


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