Sonntag, 4. Januar 2009

What traveling does for children

There are times when you think your children will never grow up. They are fighting with each other as soon as you leave the room, won't dress themselves and leave you dizzy, as you are explaining things over and over again. And then, there are other times. Times, when you are traveling and your children do nothing but surprise you. I couldn't believe it when I read a book for 2 hours straight as they were playing in the living room in the morning. This is, what else my children did on our New Years trip to Ireland:Stand in a milk parlor and help milk the cows for 2 hours straight.Act very relaxed and not shy at all in a new location with nothing but strangers - even eat their pancakes and enjoy the whole experience.
Go on a little trip with one of those English speaking gals you have not seen before in your life. This was my sons' first trip with someone he hasn't known for ages. Their only shared word was "tractor", but that lasted a while. Thanks for doing this Mike!
Being easy to handle in a plane for 2 1/2 hours. See how I am patting his back - I was nothing but happy.Dancing on a beach out of pure joy. I love you, princess.

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Abbigail hat gesagt…

your children are lovely and I adore your happiness for them.